Category: Numismatics

  • Money for Nothing

    Sitting watching my item on Ebay, waiting for it to reach the end of its auction.  Numismatists and the very bored will know that coins are traded on the interweb, and since some foul, dastardly, evil minded person at  the Royal Mint came up with the idea of pretty folders to hold your coin collections, […]

  • Stamp of approval

    The next set of special stamps due to be issued by the Royal Mail will celebrate Magical Realms – I never thought I would ever see Nanny Ogg* (a witch in the realm of Discworld, created by Sir Terry Pratchett) on a stamp, let alone Tilda Swinton, albeit in her guise as the Snow Queen […]

  • Money for nothing

    It is if you work for the Royal Mint.  Chums will know that I take childish delight in collecting the new commemorative coins issued each year, or at least I did when there was still a chance of spotting them in one’s change.  Lately the newer ones have been mysteriously absent, but they could still […]

  • Coins

    Can’t believe it’s nearly March and no sign of the new £2 coins in my loose change.  At this rate I’m going to have to buy them from the Mint.

  • Banknotes

    Scotland has a unicameral legislation.  And let’s spare a thought for Mary Slessor who has been unceremoniously bumped from the Clydesdale Bank tenner, on their new banknotes.  There is one woman out of five people being commemorated.

  • Coins

    The new 2009 coins are in circulation now so if you see any of these, and you are not collecting them yourself, let me know and I’ll arrange a swap.  For your bright, shiny, practically untainted piece of numismatic history you can have some coins of equal monetary worth that have been around the block […]