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  • Sesquipedalian

    Adj sesquipedal or sesquipedalian (of objects or words) a foot and a half long — of words, very long and pedantic.  [L. sesqui — semisque —semis, half a unit, que, and] © Chambers Concise Dictionary 1991 Hello 2018!  Woke up with that word floating about my head.  I have always liked its rhythm, and I […]

  • Bye Bye BP

    And so it was with very mixed emotions that I left my office last night, for the last time, since we move into new premises on Monday. We moved into the old ones around about the time that Diana, Princess of Wales died, and I feel as if that was a lifetime ago, so much […]

  • Within reach

    Last night our office’s contact centre hosted telephone donation calls for  BBC Children in Need, as well as running a host of fund raising activities.  It was a busy old day, which could have gone either way, especially when we discovered that there were no winning tickets at all in the bucket for the tombola.  […]

  • Team Spirit

    Had out office meal out last night at Tempus in George Street, the meal was lovely and the service excellent, so thanks to Jill for organising that one.  Sadly for the second time I missed out on the ritual of trying on Bruce’s glasses, but it was more important to catch the train before the […]

  • Spinal tap

    Tonight I went along to my Pilates class feeling like death warmed up.  I am on holiday next week and am rather busy making sure that all my work tasks are up to speed.  Every night this week I have fallen into bed and snored through to 6 a.m.  The dark nights are also having […]

  • Waltzing, Matilda?

    Anyone who has had the misfortune to be near me in the past few weeks will know all about our office’s World Cup Fever event, during which our team decorated our desks with all  things Australian.  Yesterday we took it all down, so if anyone is interested in a life time’s supply of Vegemite (one […]

  • Work, A8M

    Unbelievably bad day at work.  The only comfort, if you can call it that, is that it was the same for everyone. Mincers’ practice last night was not too bad.  We are very keen to see Val and Mike return, circumstances have kept them both away for a while. I just cannot wait for the […]

  • Work, Music

    Back in the harness at work, and having weird dreams. I am into quoting Bare Naked Ladies just now, so it’s “La, la, la, I can’t hear you,” if you have found me from another dimension. It’s been a long week.