Category: Birds

  • Against the Dying of the Light

    So it rumbles on. Mid November, return to lockdown for some areas here,  and all over the world.  Tantalising glimpses of vaccines, stories of very bad behaviour in the corridors of power, and meanwhile the winter avian visitors have arrived.

  • Mine of information

    Loch Ore on Sunday, this superb local amenity features a circular walk through a variety of ecosystems, including a beach, reed beds, meadow, fields of geese and woodlands.  Built on the land reclaimed from coal mining, it’s used for water sports and is the meeting place for the Newfoundland dog group.  Wee frog here the […]

  • Notes from my perch

    Occasionally my wanderings on the internet surprise even me.  Today I found out that James Dick, a successful business man who was born in Kilmarnock and moved to Glasgow, developed the school gym shoe known by various names over the UK.  He and his brother had experimented with using Gutta-percha to cover the soles of […]

  • December birds

    In the interest of sharing musical gems, absolutely no apologies for reposting this. Anent nothing, walked past 60+ curlew feeding on the local football pitches, alongside oyster catchers, lesser black backed gulls, wood pigeons and carrion crows. 20th anniversary of the folk club tomorrow.  Looking forward to it.

  • Mulling it over

                                                                                        A random selection from our trip north,  through stupendously beautiful areas of Scotland.  […]

  • 59er Diners ….

    …was the best quiz team name, as voted by Julia.  We had a weekend away with the 59ers, back to glorious Perthshire, with its trees and bonny flowers.  A visit to the ceramics festival at Scone proved a success,  I think we all opened our wallets or purses at some point, rain did not stop […]

  • Unabridged

    Here’s a challenge. The Flock in the Firth As Eh cam owre the Forth rail brig Eh saw frae oot o Fife a farrachin o starlins’ trig as the thochts o ane waukrife   Lyk sheelock fae a thrashin mill they mirlieit the nicht atween thi brigs, as tho ate fill ut wi wan shammade […]

  • Back on the road

    Last  week found us in Montrose, to visit the Basin and its wintering residents.   Timing was either spot on or spot off; coinciding as we did with that time in late winter when there is enough daylight to evince notions of venturing further afield, only to find out that most places of interest are still shut. […]

  • January February

    Well, January had a lot happening but none of it for recording here, thank you. Went for a walk round Townhill Loch yesterday, after the washing machine was replaced.  Sometimes a wee walk and some wildlife makes all the difference.  There were loads of birds but mostly they were too fast for the camera operator.

  • Weekendings

    A busy and fruitful weekend: Saturday lunch in Cafe Portrait, where we narrowly missed Ali and Les.  Then we strolled along the main streets before heading up to the museum on Chambers Street to view Tim Peake’s landing craft.   Hied off to our café du jour, the Angus Fling, where Paul was able to stave […]