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  • Widdershins

    On Saturday we continued on our mini project of walking the Loch Leven Heritage trail one metre at a time, this hejira was from Vane Farm to East Brackley viewpoint and pavilion.  Along this whole route there are many benches, most carved with local lore set in rhyme.  One of my favourites, which I am […]

  • AAT 1

    The inaugural AAT was held on Sunday, I am not putting the full description here because it will just draw traffic from search bots.  Suffice to say, it was won handsomely by Emily Sanderson,  with a gallant runner up in Julia Sanderson.  Diana, Caroline and Nigel took the Mary & Paul rôles (harsh but fair, […]

  • Fundraiser

    Pictures from my friend Jill Blair’s fundraiser in aid of Dravet Syndrome Foundation.  Well in excess of £1,500 was raised, a phenomenal result, and in addition, awareness of this condition and its impact on children and their families.

  • Swelling the gourd

    A long overdue visit to Manchester encompassed a trip to see many of Paul’s old haunts, hugely changed now of course.  We were there to see and hear Paul Gilbert at Sound Control,  just off the Oxford Road, right beside where the Haçienda had been, by the Rochdale Canal and the Cornerhouse.    After a […]

  • Beggar’s mantle

    If you haven’t already gathered, we live in the Kingdom of Fife, which King James VI described as “beggar’s mantle fringed wi’ gowd”, a reference to the fishing and trading villages of the coast.  Whilst it’s a handy and memorable phrase, especially in terms of the economics prevalent at the time, it has been superseded.  Not […]

  • Peregrinations

    Having spent two days doing  A Thing That Had To Be Done, I now have some time of my own to pop some cheerier pictures on here.   On Saturday we went to the badlands south of the the river, and firstly ascended Cairnpapple Hill, to find it full of some most interested cows, which […]

  • Rara aves

    I have so much to say about the past two weeks, some very overdue meet ups have taken place and I don’t have the words to express how happy most of these have made me.  Some pictures below, just from the weekend, including three of me, unheard of.  Firstly, my old friend Sherry was passing […]

  • Salty eyebrows …

    …were what we all had yesterday, after an energetic trip to the Isle of May,  on board the RiB Osprey.  Conditions were interesting on the outward leg,  suffice to say that there is nowhere to hide from that salt water spray, even if you are wearing RNLI standard dry suits. Once we had landed, disembarked, […]

  • Gatherings

    Vast have been our peregrinations of late; to wit a weekend with the Folk Club in Blairgowrie and a sojourn south to Peebles, thence to make the acquaintance of Marco, Bendrago and Pearly Popstar. We enjoyed some happy pottering in Kirriemuir, saw Marsh Harriers at Loch of Kinnordy, and nearly an Osprey but it turned […]

  • Montage

    Please imagine “Me Again” by J Mascis playing while these are showing.  Found in a photo frame at Beechwood Gardens.