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  • Beadnell’s About

    Pictures from our week in Northumberland.

  • Travellin’ folk

    Well, the dearth of posts lately will surely suffice to indicate that once again it has been a very busy time here.    Since our holiday we have also had a memorable trip to Glasgow to spend time with the Whites and Burgesses,  the main driver of which was to have a meal together at the […]

  • Summer-y

    Oh good grief, I was sure I had posted at least once  in June, outwith Dad’s birthday, but I see the last one was May 28th.   Poor old BTW always suffers the most appalling neglect in the summer, it’s shocking behaviour and someone somewhere needs a strongly worded email.   In our defence I see that […]

  • Peregrinations

    Having spent two days doing  A Thing That Had To Be Done, I now have some time of my own to pop some cheerier pictures on here.   On Saturday we went to the badlands south of the the river, and firstly ascended Cairnpapple Hill, to find it full of some most interested cows, which […]

  • On the Road

    Just a brief update, back from our weekend in Beadnell with Team Discovery and although none of us have our woes to seek, it was a very pleasant time spent together.  Due to a fractional split in the space time continuum coinciding with a wormhole, the men won the quiz.  But the women were runners […]

  • Farne away

    So, home again after an epic weekend in Beadnell, Northumberland, seeing our chums from Discovery 2008.  It was magnificent to pick up from where we left off in 2011, there are not many people with whom one may do this and it’s a true joy. This year we stayed again at the Towers, and sallied […]

  • Beadnell’s About

    Last weekend we met up with the chums from the 2008 (crikey) Norwegian cruise, down in Beadnell on the Northumbrian coast. Part of this journey involved the most sedate drive of ever down the A1, stuck as we were behind a slow moving something; despite the thirty minutes we spent behind it I never did […]

  • Beadnell

    Back from another lovely weekend in Beadnell.  We had a grand time meeting up with our chums from the Norwegian cruise in 2008. New Doctor BBC1 3rd April.  Cannot wait.  Will not say a word until Carol & Roger are back from Oz though.

  • Beadnell

    Just back from Beadnell, Northumbria, where we met up with everyone from the Discovery holiday.  It was just excellent to be able to pick up from where we left off, after bidding our farewells in the Discovery Lounge back in August 08.  (DL was the scene of our many quiz triumphs, btw.)  Rosemary put us […]