Category: Fine art

  • Plantastic

    For anyone with an interest in plants, art or indeed both, below is a link to the degree show at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  They offer training in botanical drawing, a uniquely special method of documenting the life story of a plant.  I have long been in awe of this, and its practitioners. […]

  • Disembarkadero

    My liking for train travel is well documented, I have been reminded of this during lockdown by two separate emails, both from subscriber lists. The National Railway Museum in York is a fascinating destination for normal times,  I have mentioned before the thrill of sharing the same space as these leviathans of steam power.  I […]

  • Lightworks

    Aberdour beach just before sunset in February, after a long week at work.                       Saw this exhibition yesterday,  small but interesting (who said eclectic?) collection of paintings by the Glasgow Boys, including Arthur Melville, E A Hornel, George Henry and William J Kennedy.   Fife has […]

  • Compendimumum

    To Kirkcaldy, thence to attend the opening of the latest exhibition curated by Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, Limomolum, which we spent all morning practising saying, only to find out that the whole point is that you can’t say it.  Further down the road, after excellent tea, coffee, wee cake and quick chat with Diana, […]

  • Seeing the wood

    We found some quietude yesterday by heading for the busiest part, Edinburgh’s Christmas markets etc have been super busy due to the reasonably fair weather, security staff are ensuring that only a limited amount of folk gain access.   However, as Paul had appointments booked with his groom squad, we went in anyway.  Upstairs at […]

  • AAT 1

    The inaugural AAT was held on Sunday, I am not putting the full description here because it will just draw traffic from search bots.  Suffice to say, it was won handsomely by Emily Sanderson,  with a gallant runner up in Julia Sanderson.  Diana, Caroline and Nigel took the Mary & Paul rôles (harsh but fair, […]

  • Art + Birds

    This week I have been fortunate to see some new exhibitions, which have reminded me of some other favourites.  In Stirling at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum I found the most gorgeous watercolours by Darren Woodhead, his commissions from his tenure as artist in residence with the IFLI are truly epic depictions of the […]

  • Overlooked

    After a fascinating tour backstage at the Royal Lyceum Theatre yesterday, we took a short walk to the Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art (One and Two) , there to see the Surrealism exhibition. I think I need to do a lot more research on the Dada movement to be able to understand it better, […]

  • Trunc

    Nunc dimittis. Time to move on and enjoy something new, once  that something has a shape, form and name. In the meantime, I have been out and about, in the unseasonable sunshine.  We were in Glasgow for the Steve Vai gig,  same night as Springsteen so the town was hoachin’.   Little Stevie Vai was terrific […]

  • Rage against the dying of the light

    Last night we went to Botanic Night, or Lights, I can’t remember which, but it is a light show at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, with a kinetic sculpture on the loch and on the rear of Inverleith House.  It felt all quite magical and other worldly, most people were very taken by it […]