I know, I know, it’s been ages,  some things just overwhelm one and the time flashes by.

One enjoyable weekend was spent in Kenmore, with the Folk Club, the Mincers, Yard of Ale and Colin Ramage. Paul & I went half way up the hill, then for a sail on the Iolaire on Loch Tay, only its second trip, then round Taymouth Castle, and then into the deli.

But the best part of the trip was when nephew Nick phoned me to say that he and Beki had become engaged, I was (as usual) bubbling like a loon.  We wish them every happiness.

A8M also played at Oakley Church, where we received a very warm reception and most agreeable home baking.  Usually when we are playing it is possible to see the organisers preparing the food, it’s tempting to skip a few numbers just so it’s sausage roll time.

No pictures just now, we have updated the wifi router and now nothing talks to anything else.   So WordPress cannot see the photies, even though they are on the same machine.  Poor Paul has had a wearisome time fixing each component part, we’d be completely stuck if he didn’t have the knowledge and perseverance to deal with it.

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