“If buying a caravan is the answer it must be a pretty stupid question.”

Quoted out of context but it just made me laugh.

Reading an article by Jay Rayner on what to take to a self catering holiday home, and nodding my head.  Yes to sharp knives, no to glass chopping boards – they are immediately tucked away until we leave*, but in addition to Jay’s list I would propose a tea cosy (never present), and apron (ditto), and extra tea towels because the one they provide is just simply inadequate, plus what do you use when it’s in the wash?  Other items are often thought of just in the nick of late.  The most recent stay in a property was one of the finest ever, but I did have to look up You Tube to find out how the tin opener worked.




*because 1) they are scary 2) they are noisy 3) they are breakable 4) they are just wrong.