Two candles…

Niece Fiona has confirmed that Candlemas is still celebrated in Luxembourg.  In small groups, rather like Scottish guisers at Hallowe’en, children roam the streets holding a lighted candle or homemade wand, singing traditional songs. In exchange for the music they hope to receive sweets or loose change. Previously the gifts would have been bacon, peas or biscuits.  Fiona says they call this Liichten.

A note from my friend Bill about the Fife version:

If Candlemas be fine and fair, half the winter’s to come and mair!

If Candlemas be wet and foul, half the winter’s gone at Yule!
Candlemas this year (02/02/2020) was fairly wet and foul therefore winter is nearly over and we should have a good Spring? All subject these days to Climate Change!
Bill’s father in law farmed at Star of Markinch until mid 20th century.