April 2020

Went for my daily walk earlier.   The express bus to Edinburgh (empty except for the driver) passed me by,  and I noticed that it now shows a scrolling message thanking all the key workers.  Walking down a deserted suburban street in early spring, trees in leaf and growing daily, birds shouting for all they’re worth,  sun in the sky and just enough heat in the day to make one think that winter has finally gone,  it’s difficult to relate to the sheer awfulness of what’s taking place.  But the fact that the first thing which crosses my mind on seeing anyone else is, “How quickly can I cross the road?”, or “Can I walk on the grass?” reminds me of the new normal.  Everyone is very keen to acknowledge each other, since social distancing is frightfully un-British and counter intuitive.  If I smile at the person I’ve just literally crossed the road to avoid, that makes it all right, karma wise?

I don’t have any words of wisdom on this one.   I just keep thinking of the old maps where the centres of continents such as Africa were left blank, because no-one in the western world had explored them yet.   Here be dragons.

Thank goodness for all the video calls, they fair cheer me up.