Tension mounts in Château Holmes as the launch date for the new Star Trek film draws tantalisingly closer, it says here.

To stave off cultural drought until that time, we raided the world cinema section of HMV yesterday, realising that for the price of 2 cinema tickets (without trough of popcorn (bleurgh) or vat of cola) we could buy 5 DVDs.  Nothing will ever stop us enjoying the real cinema experience, with a cup of tea or coffee (I never said we were minimalists) but until I retire*, there is no independent arty farty cinema nearby and the sort of films we would like to see are not always on in Dunfy, unless you sit up until midnight on a Thursday.

Not an option on a school night.

*when I retire I am going to look into setting up a local film society.  Must start thinking of a name for it since DBFC is already taken, twice (Folk Club, Football Club).  18.07.10  it could be Screaming Reels, thereby also allowing angling and Scottish Country dancing enthusiasts to take part.

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