Category: Wildlife

  • Miss Direction

    I like this picture, I was actually trying to catch the acrobatic squirrel which is currently raiding Angela-next-door’s peanut feeder, but this shows just how well camouflaged a wee ball of yellow and blue feathers can be in a bare November garden.  He’s in the cotoneaster. Incidentally,  I was eating my cranberry scone at Vane […]

  • Gulls

    Some gull pictures from yesterday, taken at Burleigh Sands on the north shore of Loch Leven.

  • Job done sun

    Yesterday was such a beautiful day, as late summer slides into early autumn.  Some of the rowan trees are already turning, starting at the top with that unbelievable salmon pink.  I find this time of year brings on a whole heap of mixed emotions, besides being the obvious harbinger of change and winter (oh please, […]

  • Zoo time, quarter past crepuscular…

    Last night we went over to Edinburgh Zoo for the special adopters’ night.  It was a lovely evening, there was a much calmer atmosphere about the place and it was grand seeing the animals pack up for the night, as it were.  We saw the newly arrived sun bears, and I laughed when one dad […]

  • Bark in the Park

    We went to Lochore Meadows today, and saw the most amount of dogs ever in one place.  This was a local dog show but with bells and whistles.  Loch Ore has a watersports centre and we happily watched a group of people setting off in laser yachts.  Looking into having a go ourselves.

  • Bank Holiday Weekend

    Taking time out from trying to synchronise the kitchen calendar, my diary, the band diary, my work diary and the Google calendar. It’s Bank Holiday weekend so hooray for the rubbish weather. Might tootle up to Vane Farm to see which birds are about, before booking a space behind the sofa for the second part […]

  • Birds

    Here’s one of our recent visitors. I have found a programme on this new PC that allows you to compress picture files for web pages, which means I can nick Paul’s pictures now for banthewasp.  His camera takes pictures which have a file size so large, gentle reader, that he has a separate hard drive […]