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  • Friday not the 13th

    That was another week, during which I attended the celebration of Sheila Kay Jack’s life, after a long wait which must have been untenable for her partner Geoff, and family.  It was a beautiful service, with songs from Les Mis, which I’m sure would have had the lady herself clamouring for more.  Sheila was a […]

  • Back from the Wedding

    Back home after an unbelievably wonderful weekend in Luxembourg, at Kerry & Ross’s wedding. The ceremony took place in the walled garden of Chateau Bourglinster, and the whole day was so very, very memorable.  The full story will be written up at the weekend, but suffice to say here that the combination of joy and […]

  • Wedding Preparations

    Crikey, another long day at work. Why does it always crank up so during the middle months of the year?  Anyway, your correspondent was the only one who could do the plank at Pilates tonight.  God knows why, but my back, long the scourge of my existence, seems to have taken on a new life […]

  • Christmas (belated)

    We finally managed to have Christmas lunch yesterday with the family. Driving wasn’t a whole load of laughs but Paul managed very well, and Ali and Les put on a magnificient spread when we arrived in Edinburgh. I know I shan’t be eating again for a week. Here’s someone who probably will, though. Nick

  • Snowed in

    What a grumpy git I am. Have taken very hard decison not to go through to Stirling and Falkirk today to pick up Dad and Aunty Net.  I feel like the Grinch, but we’re all agreed that it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes right does not equate with easiest.

  • Sea Journey

    Yesterday we journeyed all the way to the end of the street to wave “Bon voyage” to Rosemary, as she sailed along the Forth on board the Boudicca. As usual these days it was only a matter of time before the weather became rough, and we know that the lady herself was very sensibly at […]

  • Niger

    I’ve been quiet because it’s been hot.  Not as hot as where Emma is, though.

  • Nick

    As you will know, our nephew Nick is on his travels just now, he has just spent some time on a detour to miss Cyclone Hamish down the east coast of Australia. I was quite disgusted to have to dig fairly deep into the news to find out anything about it, had it been in […]

  • Nick

    Nick is now in Cairns, Australia.

  • Alan, Nick

    Here is a link to Alan Alpenfelt’s work in Italy.  He’s a busy lad. Meanwhile Nick is busy exploring Africa. We wish them both well.