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  • Beggar’s mantle

    If you haven’t already gathered, we live in the Kingdom of Fife, which King James VI described as “beggar’s mantle fringed wi’ gowd”, a reference to the fishing and trading villages of the coast.  Whilst it’s a handy and memorable phrase, especially in terms of the economics prevalent at the time, it has been superseded.  Not […]

  • Train of thought

    Well, I had hoped to be posting some pictures tomorrow of the Flying Scotsman on her journey round the Fife Circle, but as we all know now, that ain’t going to happen, since thanks to glorious ineptitude on someone’s part, no-one checked if the train would fit.  Now, the identification of untested assumptions is all […]

  • Déja view

    I have an awful lot  to do just now,  paperwork is mounting visibly and I really need to find a new job, so the obvious thing to do on a sunny, cold Saturday morning was go right back to Vane Farm and climb that hill again.  Happily, although we didn’t see the reds this time, […]

  • By the dock, of The Bay

          Waiting for the rest of the band to sprauchle up the steps, taken by Paul as part of the artwork for the forthcoming Opus II.      Band in place. I should add that my sprauchle was the least dignified but I was the only one wearing high heels.  And now some birdy […]

  • Apres huit, le boeuf hâché

    My favourite picture of After 8 Mince in a long while.  Could have been a deal maker if one of us had reined herself in a bit.

  • Carse

    I hope very much that Carse is a word with which you will all shortly become familiar, lips sealed just now.  It describes the reclaimed fertile land around the River Forth.  It has been many years since I viewed it from the foreshore south of Alloa and Clackmannan, we hied thither at the weekend on […]

  • Next stop

    As most of my life is lived on board a train just now, some shots below from a wee half day out to Kirkcaldy, to view this most excellent work:- The Great Tapestry of Scotland There are some thoughts of my band After 8 Mince as well, we sing a lot of songs about trains, […]

  • Long Gone

    Poor old BTW suffers hugely from neglect some times, but like a small puppy is always stupidly glad to see me.  So, there are issues requiring attention everywhere we look just now, and I got up at 05:45 today so that I could weed the back garden.  Needless to say it is now 06:53 and […]

  • Footing the bill

    Well, I haven’t been here for a while, sorry about that, things have been busy and I am still trying to work out what I think about last week’s Election result. So, yesterday we hied to the Lyceum in Edinburgh for the final play in the 2014 -15 season.  The was The Venetian Twins, relocated […]

  • Nones et duo*

    Just about through November, always a funny old month, what with the natural world shutting down and the peer pressure via the media to bankrupt your self in the name of love. We’ve been out with the Mincers a fair bit, and down to Berwick, and to Stirling, and at work, and there seems to […]