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  • Equine farewells

    One of the many documents we have found lately, this funeral in 1905 was attended by horse drawn vehicles.

  • Ironmoulder

    Neither my father nor my aunt recalled the name of any foundry in which their father worked.  I have found this detail via Scotland’s People.  See record no. 1920, employee 54. ScotlandsPeople  (think you have to click twice to see it). The foundry,  Forth and Clyde and Sunnyside, has an information page here.  It closed […]

  • Random

    So, à propos of nothing, here is a picture of Barbie as Darth Vader.                   Sold by a firm in Dalgety Bay called darksidetoys, found when looking for something completely different.  That might be serendipitous. A conversation with my cousins recalled this song. it’s great when a […]

  • Housekeeping

    Everyone who knows us will be aware that we have had a veritable social whirl this summer, with two family weddings and a Diamond Wedding for family friends.  I have thought long and hard about putting up pictures of these events, and have decided to refrain.  The main players in these events do not have […]

  • Photos

    Pictures uncovered during some research.  Shieldhill, pre 1966.

  • A la recherche…

    Family photographs from our paternal line, for which no detail is available, but before saying goodbye to these I thought I would give them a last outing here.                

  • So long 2018

    Despite the obvious, including the most appalling lack of prudent and effective leadership on both sides of the pond, leading to who knows what clusterbourach* in 2019,  we have had some excellent adventures this year.  We have visited places we had never thought to look for previously, as we sought out new horizons, or to […]

  • On the Beach

    Yesterday, being Dad’s third anniversary and with the commemorations for the cessation of hostilities in 1918 being very much on our minds,  we did what most families do; got together for a  meal and then went for a walk. Below, Fiona, Callum, Lily, Les, Ali, Ally and Paul.  Were I more confident with the timer […]

  • November 2018

    So. Just home from an all too brief trip to Slaley Hall, for the last time.  Nothing lasts forever and we, as a group, have decided it’s time to move on.  Journeying there for the first time by electric car, we called in at various chargers in the Borders towns.  I was struck by the […]

  • One that got away

    Patagonia by Kate Clanchy I said perhaps Patagonia, and pictured a peninsula, wide enough for a couple of ladderback chairs to wobble on at high tide. I thought   of us in breathless cold, facing a horizon round as a coin, looped in a cat’s cradle strung by gulls from sea to sun. I planned […]