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  • Land o’ the Peh

    To Dundee, thence to meet up with Philip and Jacqui,  and to assess at first hand the V&A museum which opened its doors recently, after the usual amount of controversy associated with any groundbreaking arts-led enterprise. It’s a bold building, with excellent views along the Tay and over to Fife.  The Scottish design gallery had […]

  • Durham

    Well, were we not off on our travels yet again?  This time to Durham, in the company of family chums.   Stand out moments included an ad hoc napkin party hat event, and someone’s face when his son forgot to buy him a sausage roll from the bakery. The first three images were not taken by […]

  • 59ers

    I neglected to put up any pictures of the school chums weekend away.  Here we all are at Drummond Castle Gardens.  We had a splendid time and very much enjoyed an eclectic selection of home cooking.  Nice of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to provide the Saturday morning ents.

  • Quackers

    As our island nation emerges from a long long winter, we have begun our programme of jaunts short and long.  I have very quickly run into the issue of not being able to keep up with the updates, so this post will have to cover at least three such peregrinations. First to Kenmore with the […]

  • Festive

    Thanks to Colin Hay for the picture of the band taken last night,  when After 8 Mince played a Christmas gig for our local chums.  Special thanks to everyone for turning up on a freezing cold night, and to the ladies for serving the refreshments.             Also cheers to my […]

  • Travellin’ folk

    Well, the dearth of posts lately will surely suffice to indicate that once again it has been a very busy time here.    Since our holiday we have also had a memorable trip to Glasgow to spend time with the Whites and Burgesses,  the main driver of which was to have a meal together at the […]

  • Summer-y

    Oh good grief, I was sure I had posted at least once  in June, outwith Dad’s birthday, but I see the last one was May 28th.   Poor old BTW always suffers the most appalling neglect in the summer, it’s shocking behaviour and someone somewhere needs a strongly worded email.   In our defence I see that […]

  • Carpe-ing

    I have little to add about the events of this week, save this link shared by Rosemary this morning.  We watched the reading earlier.  My thoughts are with everyone. So, in a mindset of “Let’s carpe the @&!# out of this diem” we have met up with loads of chums, as usual everything happens at […]

  • Isle of May

    On Sunday, after long and careful planning, we met Diana, Caroline and Nigel for a return trip to the Isle of May.  Last time we took Caroline & Nigel’s daughters and it was a rough old ride there and back; the girls had envisioned a genteel turn in an enclosed cruiser and were slightly traumatised […]

  • Perorations

    I know, I know, it’s been ages,  some things just overwhelm one and the time flashes by. One enjoyable weekend was spent in Kenmore, with the Folk Club, the Mincers, Yard of Ale and Colin Ramage. Paul & I went half way up the hill, then for a sail on the Iolaire on Loch Tay, […]