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  • Isle of May

    On Sunday, after long and careful planning, we met Diana, Caroline and Nigel for a return trip to the Isle of May.  Last time we took Caroline & Nigel’s daughters and it was a rough old ride there and back; the girls had envisioned a genteel turn in an enclosed cruiser and were slightly traumatised […]

  • Chew chew

  • Compendimumum

    To Kirkcaldy, thence to attend the opening of the latest exhibition curated by Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, Limomolum, which we spent all morning practising saying, only to find out that the whole point is that you can’t say it.  Further down the road, after excellent tea, coffee, wee cake and quick chat with Diana, […]

  • Cash for questions

    “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep my eyes wide open all the time” Currently playing Johnny Cash on repeat as we are learning a medley of his tunes.  Hadn’t realised that he changes key for each verse in Walk the Line. Some pictures below, we sat in a restaurant […]

  • Levening

    We broke the rules yesterday and walked along a new (to us) section of the Loch Leven path.   So now I am busy looking at maps and local history websites to find the stories behind the places we saw.   We walked from Loch Leven’s Larder (café is fine, staff lovely, but the retail side […]

  • AAT 1

    The inaugural AAT was held on Sunday, I am not putting the full description here because it will just draw traffic from search bots.  Suffice to say, it was won handsomely by Emily Sanderson,  with a gallant runner up in Julia Sanderson.  Diana, Caroline and Nigel took the Mary & Paul rôles (harsh but fair, […]

  • Folly bergère

    Saturday saw us at a chum’s fundraiser in aid of Dravet’s Syndrome care, and hugely successful it was too.  Jill worked wonders in rallying prizes and gifts, sadly my henna tattoo is fading fast.  She raised over £1500 and it was well worth a day’s baking.  Paul & I were able to skip up the […]

  • Dei’l tak’ the hindmost

    Continuing on the ILFI theme we went to the Walled Garden for lunch and then for a long walk in the Devilla Forest.  As with the rest of the northern hemisphere just now, the autumn colours are stunning.  Wildlife seen included roe deer, a teeny tiny frog, Canada Goose, Great Crested Grebe, Mallard, Pheasant, Pink […]

  • Olds and news

    Continuing our explorations of the nearby walks and towns in Fife, we went back to Craigencault Ecology  Farm and then down to Kinghorn.

  • No singularity

    I just looked up singularity and it so does not mean what I thought it did, but get this:- Mathematical singularity, a point at which a given mathematical object is not defined or not “well-behaved”, for example infinite or not differentiable. If the thought of a badly behaved mathematical object doesn’t make you smile on […]