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    BACK ON LINE!! We had to buy a new PC box, and adopt Windows 7. Paul has been beavering away to resuscitate Frontpage*, and by jingo he has done it. The boy is a genius. Banthewasp would like to wish everyone a tremendously Happy Christmas. Wherever you are, and wherever you are going, we wish […]

  • Blogosphere

    Always a tense moment in Camp Chandler – the hard drive has been acting up ever since Paul put together a new pc for his dad, which involved much swapping of parts.  So, everything has been re-installed. As I use Microsoft (ack! fooey! koff!) Frontpage 1976* to deftly craft this jibberish, we have to find […]

  • Victory

    This website is currently recovering from the fact that Scotland just won two of something in a row.

  • Rant

    Thanks to Sooz for pointing out the date error. I have just looked at Ebay, part of my Sunday ritual of patrolling my e-manor.  Were I to lose any modicum of common sense, I could buy a Jedward t-shirt. I could also rant about this, but the fact that it took us two hours to […]

  • Botanics

    Last weekend we took Paul’s new camera lens to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. The sheer size of his picture files precludes their inclusion on this website so you’ll just have to make do with mine. John Hope Gateway is now open on the west side, you can catch the Wych Elm project just now. […]

  • Dark nights

    So the dark nights are with us again. Hunkering down by the fire and watching the tv with rugs on our knees. Certain issues in Château Holmes mean that we are not able to venture as far afield during daylight as we would normally. But we have many jaunts to look forward to, nonetheless.

  • Queen Mary 2

    Anyone who knows me will realise how excited I become about visitors to the Forth. Click here for the Queen Mary 2, back to see us again after a five year absence. This picture (and 34 others) taken from the Forth Bridge around 11:30 a.m.  Can I just say how different the Saturday train passengers […]

  • Etiquette

    Yet again I have to put out a plea to the world at large.  If I am in your way, and I can’t see you, please just say “Excuse me”. I will happily shift. Do not stand there glaring at me in the hope that I will divine this by telepathy. And, never, never, ever […]

  • Wii

    We’ve just ordered a Wii. And bought into the regime.

  • Two Cities

    Just back from Paris and London.  Both stunning cities which we had not visited in a very long time. Paris The famous Parisian disdain for all things touristique was noticeably absent during our stay, maybe that’s an upside of the credit crunch?  Anyway, we stayed in a beautiful old-fashioned hotel in the fashionable 16me arrondissement […]