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  • Harry Patch

    A weekend in Glasgow, of which more anon. In the midst of it all, sitting in a shop on Sauchiehall Street which sells salads and pianos,  we heard that Harry Patch had died. I read Harry’s book earlier this year. If you can, catch the poem written for him by Andrew Motion. Harry was the […]

  • The Youth of Today

    Today I went to the cashline and took out some money. There was a gang of teenagers behind me and as I punched the buttons I was very interested to hear their speech patterns. “So, Ah was, like, and she was, like, and then she said, “Eh, no way!!” an Ah’m like “Ahr ye gonnae say […]

  • Chemicals

    I have noticed a trend recently whereby people announce their intention to steer clear of products “stuffed with chemicals”. Everything has chemicals, is made from chemicals, and unless you are a vacuum you cannot get away from this fact. I know that what they mean is that they wish to eschew pollutants or carcinogenics, but […]

  • Still hot

    So the heat got to my brain yesterday and I proved that yet again I cannot tell west from east. Corrections made, before you all start phoning me to crow about it.

  • Hot

    Very hot yesterday, consequently Deep Sea World was relatively quiet when we went there with the Burgess family. In the afternoon we set off to find the western WW1 gun emplacements, which we did not visit last time. They are not as visible as the east set, but we took some pictures on the walk […]

  • Guide Dog Graduation!

    Our guide dog Chloe has graduated, hooray! Now we have a new one called Ollie, a German Shepherd pup.

  • Coins

    I now have the two £2 coins for 2009 although I was beginning to despair, so I ordered them from the mint. I think people make a habit of saving these, the cost on Ebay is ridiculous but they do seem to be in short supply.

  • Cold

    Stuck inside with hideous cold, last night when I did sleep I dreamed of huge lists of numbers rising up at me and spreadsheets which locked up the data. At one point I had on fleecy pjs, the winter duvet, two blankets, two hot water bottles and I still could not get warm. My talent […]

  • Collectables

    Oh we did enjoy that film. Have been looking at Ebay of late, finding some fairly random articles for sale.  There’s good money to be had for authentic vintage Sindy dolls.

  • Birthday

    Guess that’s all the excitement over then, I have had my birthday lunch, which was a grand affair, and we have been to Amsterdam for a look at the tulips. Turned out we were not the only people with that single vision, which when you think about it is not surprising.  Highlights for me were: […]