Category: Kirsty

  • Impending Birthday

    I never want to be this cool. Had a lovely day yesterday in the office, my desk had been decorated for my impending birthday, there were cards, gifts and a few tears.  Having organised and taken part in so many presentations over the years, it’s weird to be on the receiving end, but it was […]

  • Human Rights

    Go here to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Scots.

  • Street View

    So, Dalgety Bay – too posh to be on Google Street View, eh? Never mind, I have spent many happy hours already, looking up and down various avenues, boulevards, gaits, axes and err, streets. What does puzzle me is how they managed to find so many sunny days in Edinburgh.

  • Giant Stag

    The giant stag sculpture is now outside Murrayfield stadium, painted blue and white. I tried to film it from the train but it didn’t come out very well, which is probably no bad thing as there is major incompatibility between this ancient web builder software* and any mpg files.   (Yes Sooz, I know you gave […]

  • Peace

    If only I’d known it was so easy to achieve.

  • Nick

    All the best to Nick, off on his travels around the world. You better send us postcards, boy.