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  • Idle hands

    I am going to stick my neck out here, for once.  Why on earth would anyone set themselves up as a sign writer when they cannot spell?  I can only think of three reasons. 1).  They don’t care. 2).  They don’t know. 3). They are blissfully unaware that it matters and everyone else is too […]

  • Rara aves

    I have so much to say about the past two weeks, some very overdue meet ups have taken place and I don’t have the words to express how happy most of these have made me.  Some pictures below, just from the weekend, including three of me, unheard of.  Firstly, my old friend Sherry was passing […]

  • Trunc

    Nunc dimittis. Time to move on and enjoy something new, once  that something has a shape, form and name. In the meantime, I have been out and about, in the unseasonable sunshine.  We were in Glasgow for the Steve Vai gig,  same night as Springsteen so the town was hoachin’.   Little Stevie Vai was terrific […]

  • Déja view

    I have an awful lot  to do just now,  paperwork is mounting visibly and I really need to find a new job, so the obvious thing to do on a sunny, cold Saturday morning was go right back to Vane Farm and climb that hill again.  Happily, although we didn’t see the reds this time, […]

  • A Sunday Post

    A couple of more up to date pictures below.  Yesterday I was in Dundee to meet Sheena Wellington. I spent a completely fascinating three hours singing, talking about singing, discussing songs, more singing, and came away with a year’s worth of reference material.   Sheena has a prodigious knowledge of song and was immensely generous with […]

  • Starman

    The interweb was awash yesterday with grief and astonishment, after the news broke of Bowie’s passing.  As is the way of these things, I was looking at his son’s Twitter feed when the death was confirmed, elliptically.  Better voices than mine have aired the pain, but for what it’s worth he was indeed the ultimate […]

  • Circulation

    There’s a word to think about, circulation figures governed my life when I worked for Menzies.  Movement of any kind in the transport sense is a huge issue for us just now and my husband had that full throttle last night as he attempted to get to Glasgow from The Bay,  and in the sense […]

  • Footing the bill

    Well, I haven’t been here for a while, sorry about that, things have been busy and I am still trying to work out what I think about last week’s Election result. So, yesterday we hied to the Lyceum in Edinburgh for the final play in the 2014 -15 season.  The was The Venetian Twins, relocated […]

  • 7 deadly things

    Current thing on Facebook is to tell folk 7 things they might not know about you. I don’t want to post that on FB particularly. 1. The first record I owned was “You Don’t Have to be a Baby to Cry” by The Caravelles. 2. I am ridiculously intolerant of grammatical errors and misplaced apostrophes, […]

  • Rage against the dying of the light

    Last night we went to Botanic Night, or Lights, I can’t remember which, but it is a light show at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, with a kinetic sculpture on the loch and on the rear of Inverleith House.  It felt all quite magical and other worldly, most people were very taken by it […]