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  • Rage against the dying of the light

    Last night we went to Botanic Night, or Lights, I can’t remember which, but it is a light show at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, with a kinetic sculpture on the loch and on the rear of Inverleith House.  It felt all quite magical and other worldly, most people were very taken by it […]

  • Murmur

    Shoud you happen to spot a starling murmuration, be sure to log it here.  See here if you have never heard me going on about this natural phenomenon.   And here, no apologies for repeating this link. Also be sure to phone me so that I can see it too.   Likewise any flocks of waxwings. […]

  • Degustation

    Ah, foot cramp.  Such an effective way of waking up, I really should market it. Just checked my last post, October 10th, crikey, we have been busy celebrating Mr Holmes’s significant birthday.  As you might expect, there was a food theme here.  We met John and Yvonne in Berwick, at Foxton‘s, and had lunch with […]

  • Money for Nothing

    Sitting watching my item on Ebay, waiting for it to reach the end of its auction.  Numismatists and the very bored will know that coins are traded on the interweb, and since some foul, dastardly, evil minded person at  the Royal Mint came up with the idea of pretty folders to hold your coin collections, […]

  • Plenum

    At least that is how my head feels just now, very busy at work and the lighter mornings wake me up early which means more thoughts squeeze themselves in my conscious waking state.   They’re not worth writing down but I did realise that it was time to update BTW if only so that the most […]

  • Scottish Serenade

    Pretty short on updates, spent my birthday weekend at Blair Atholl with After 8 Mince, the groupies, Yard of Ale, On the Wagon, Dalgety Bay Folk Club and some very hard working hotel staff. Then a whizz up to the Highland Wildlife Park to see the red pandas, the wolverine, the capercaillie (finally) and the […]

  • If there was a word to describe the swiftness of the past few weeks it would be right here

    We have been out and about, to Rambottom no less, in Lancashire, to celebrate the Silver Wedding of our friends Catherine and Philip Burgess.  As ever, it was grand to see old chums and we are filled with the urge to do more of the same.  Hotel had a pool, which was a bonus,  and […]

  • Mincers

    Hopefully this will link to the item in the DB diary written by my Mincermate Bill Ewing. DB Diary Feb 14

  • Ahem

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new link to the right here – Paul bought me a website for the band.  There’s a lot to be added yet and it may change style, although personally I think it’s calm and easy on the eye.  I have to try not to put in too […]

  • Triskaidekaphobia

    …which will be blindingly clear if you have watched the Dr Who 50th anniversary episode. So, I was talking about the Kelpies and did I not find this beautiful picture on the Twitters, chap in Tullibody is a keen photographer, as evidenced. Elsewhere, we played another gig for the Mincers last night.   On the […]