Category: Family

  • Fortunes

    After a splendid 5th birthday party for Lily, we found ourselves at East Fortune, specifically the Nation Museum of Flight. Displaying our new found tendency to be so far ahead of the curve that we come up behind it again, I proudly and possibly pompously showed my Member’s card, only to be told “It’s Doors […]

  • Dye stuff

    Fiona and I fell to talking about her Gran, our mum, on Saturday.   She mentioned that she didn’t know much about what Gran did during the war, so I thought I would write down what little I know,  and maybe my sisters can fill in some blanks. Jean Stephen* was 19 when the war broke […]

  • Weekendings

    A busy and fruitful weekend: Saturday lunch in Cafe Portrait, where we narrowly missed Ali and Les.  Then we strolled along the main streets before heading up to the museum on Chambers Street to view Tim Peake’s landing craft.   Hied off to our café du jour, the Angus Fling, where Paul was able to stave […]

  • Quackers

    As our island nation emerges from a long long winter, we have begun our programme of jaunts short and long.  I have very quickly run into the issue of not being able to keep up with the updates, so this post will have to cover at least three such peregrinations. First to Kenmore with the […]

  • Old school

    Helping Aunty Net with her papers reveals the odd gem, found this yesterday.                 Dad is seated in front row, second from the right.

  • Lightworks

    Aberdour beach just before sunset in February, after a long week at work.                       Saw this exhibition yesterday,  small but interesting (who said eclectic?) collection of paintings by the Glasgow Boys, including Arthur Melville, E A Hornel, George Henry and William J Kennedy.   Fife has […]

  • Flourishing

    Thanks to Fiona Cook who found this gem in the Fraser family archives.                 Fiona told me that she was quite young when this was taken.  i can see that the cupboard behind Dad still has the yellow paint,  before Mum rendered it white with wooden edging.   […]

  • Celebrations

    To Edinburgh once more, and the Braid Hills Hotel Library,  thence to mark the joint anniversaries of Rosemary and Michaela.  A fine meal ensued, in most convivial surroundings. My camera technique is rather lacking just now, split as it is between a DSLR, a old Fuji Finepix and the phone, none of which had the […]

  • Elspeth’s big birthday weekend

    Here’s a smile that sums up the weekend.  Happy birthday Elspeth, thanks for a wonderful weekend.   Picture credits are various, with so many phones and cameras,  also the men got short shrift by virtue of being the photographers, thanks due in no small amount to Paul, Colin, Thierry and Ross.           […]

  • Sesquipedalian

    Adj sesquipedal or sesquipedalian (of objects or words) a foot and a half long — of words, very long and pedantic.  [L. sesqui — semisque —semis, half a unit, que, and] © Chambers Concise Dictionary 1991 Hello 2018!  Woke up with that word floating about my head.  I have always liked its rhythm, and I […]