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  • Salty eyebrows …

    …were what we all had yesterday, after an energetic trip to the Isle of May,  on board the RiB Osprey.  Conditions were interesting on the outward leg,  suffice to say that there is nowhere to hide from that salt water spray, even if you are wearing RNLI standard dry suits. Once we had landed, disembarked, […]

  • Transport of delight

    Insert train pun of choice here, The Flying Scotsman’s tour of the new Borders railway and the Fife Circle has been reinstated.  Somehow they found a gauger gadgie, and on a Saturday too.  I wouldn’t like to be at the “lessons learned” meeting for that one, but I shall happily try to capture its image […]

  • Train of thought

    Well, I had hoped to be posting some pictures tomorrow of the Flying Scotsman on her journey round the Fife Circle, but as we all know now, that ain’t going to happen, since thanks to glorious ineptitude on someone’s part, no-one checked if the train would fit.  Now, the identification of untested assumptions is all […]

  • Gatherings

    Vast have been our peregrinations of late; to wit a weekend with the Folk Club in Blairgowrie and a sojourn south to Peebles, thence to make the acquaintance of Marco, Bendrago and Pearly Popstar. We enjoyed some happy pottering in Kirriemuir, saw Marsh Harriers at Loch of Kinnordy, and nearly an Osprey but it turned […]

  • By the dock, of The Bay

          Waiting for the rest of the band to sprauchle up the steps, taken by Paul as part of the artwork for the forthcoming Opus II.      Band in place. I should add that my sprauchle was the least dignified but I was the only one wearing high heels.  And now some birdy […]

  • Comical

    I saw theses pictures today, if you know Dunfermline you will recognise the settings, very droll.  They hail from the city’s first Comicon, which you well know is a convention based around all things comic related.  Organised by local Little Shop of Heroes, it was a sellout event. Avocado Sweet is a good and useful […]

  • Circulation

    There’s a word to think about, circulation figures governed my life when I worked for Menzies.  Movement of any kind in the transport sense is a huge issue for us just now and my husband had that full throttle last night as he attempted to get to Glasgow from The Bay,  and in the sense […]

  • FRB

    You will have seen that the Forth Road Bridge is closed until 2016.  Our collective heart goes out to the folks denied rapid access to the Kingdom.  We’ll let you back in when it’s open again.  Picture below for Ali , I cannot for the life of me manage to rotate it up the right way. […]

  • Dunroamin

    I have looked back at the most recent pages of btw and it seems that I keep apologising for not making regular updates.  I shan’t do that this time, therefore. Instead, some pictures.  We went, ironically as things turn out, to Bo’ness for the first time, and dropped in at the Motor Museum.  It has […]

  • Next stop

    As most of my life is lived on board a train just now, some shots below from a wee half day out to Kirkcaldy, to view this most excellent work:- The Great Tapestry of Scotland There are some thoughts of my band After 8 Mince as well, we sing a lot of songs about trains, […]