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  • November 2018

    So. Just home from an all too brief trip to Slaley Hall, for the last time.  Nothing lasts forever and we, as a group, have decided it’s time to move on.  Journeying there for the first time by electric car, we called in at various chargers in the Borders towns.  I was struck by the […]

  • Road trip

    Home from Namibia, an unforgettable trip,  now faced with the near-impossible task of selecting some photos from the 5000+ taken.  Digital cameras, eh? In good time.  In the interim, here is our list of new-to-us birds. Huge thanks to the Birds of Namibia book, by Ian Sinclair and Joris Kamen, published by Struik Nature, 2017. […]

  • Plastic unfantastic

    Heard this on the radio today.

  • Weekendings

    A busy and fruitful weekend: Saturday lunch in Cafe Portrait, where we narrowly missed Ali and Les.  Then we strolled along the main streets before heading up to the museum on Chambers Street to view Tim Peake’s landing craft.   Hied off to our café du jour, the Angus Fling, where Paul was able to stave […]

  • Celebrations

    To Edinburgh once more, and the Braid Hills Hotel Library,  thence to mark the joint anniversaries of Rosemary and Michaela.  A fine meal ensued, in most convivial surroundings. My camera technique is rather lacking just now, split as it is between a DSLR, a old Fuji Finepix and the phone, none of which had the […]

  • Elspeth’s big birthday weekend

    Here’s a smile that sums up the weekend.  Happy birthday Elspeth, thanks for a wonderful weekend.   Picture credits are various, with so many phones and cameras,  also the men got short shrift by virtue of being the photographers, thanks due in no small amount to Paul, Colin, Thierry and Ross.           […]

  • Bring in the new

    Welcome to the world, Ellie Thomson, born 15th January in Luxembourg, to Kerry and Ross.  A wonderful start to 2018.

  • Sesquipedalian

    Adj sesquipedal or sesquipedalian (of objects or words) a foot and a half long — of words, very long and pedantic.  [L. sesqui — semisque —semis, half a unit, que, and] © Chambers Concise Dictionary 1991 Hello 2018!  Woke up with that word floating about my head.  I have always liked its rhythm, and I […]

  • Button it

    Well, having looked up buttons on Wiki I found myself, within five seconds, analysing my hands for a possible  deformity known as boutonnière’s.  Beware the internet my son, to paraphrase Lewis Carroll.   Did you know that the word chortle comes from his poem?  I didn’t.  So, on to the matter in hand, a creative project […]

  • 10th November

    A whole two years since we lost Dad, always in our thoughts.