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  • I’m so tired

    I haven’t slept a wink, etc. pace John Lennon. All of a sudden everything is kicking off at work.  But the Mincers had a really good rehearsal last night, I had a testing session at Pilates tonight which helped to stretch my back muscles, courtesy of the wonderful Caroline, and I spent no Earth pounds […]

  • Four hundred

    Played our first ever gig in the Bay Inn last night, I had never actually been upstairs to the function suite before but it was just about right in size, and at least we gave the bar staff something to do.   We raised £400 for charity with ticket sales, raffle and donations,  so thank […]

  • Weather (or not)

    Just about to go on the Folk Club boat trip, this is one of the two days in the year when the Maid of the Forth can dock at St David’s harbour.  The weather has been lousy this week but so far today it’s been mostly fair, if windy.  I shall be wearing my sensible […]

  • Blair Atholl 2010

    Here is a better, that is to say, not so funny, picture of A8M, plus others from BA 2010.

  • After 8 Mince

    Commiserations to anyone reading this because they are stuck without a flight. Here is a picture of After 8 Mince falling off a log. We had a brilliant time up in Blair Atholl, then went on to the Highland Wildlife park, and up Cairn Gorm.  Will put up more pictures tonight.  Oh, ok then –

  • Gig

    Played an interesting night in South Queensferry scout hut yesterday, if you can call a beautifully kitted out hall, with extra tent drying facility, on the shore of the river, in the middle of a marina, a hut. The girls thrashed the blokes in the quiz, and the audience, if noisy, were most appreciative, which […]

  • Work, A8M

    Unbelievably bad day at work.  The only comfort, if you can call it that, is that it was the same for everyone. Mincers’ practice last night was not too bad.  We are very keen to see Val and Mike return, circumstances have kept them both away for a while. I just cannot wait for the […]