Category: Friends

  • Weather (or not)

    Just about to go on the Folk Club boat trip, this is one of the two days in the year when the Maid of the Forth can dock at St David’s harbour.  The weather has been lousy this week but so far today it’s been mostly fair, if windy.  I shall be wearing my sensible […]

  • Friday not the 13th

    That was another week, during which I attended the celebration of Sheila Kay Jack’s life, after a long wait which must have been untenable for her partner Geoff, and family.  It was a beautiful service, with songs from Les Mis, which I’m sure would have had the lady herself clamouring for more.  Sheila was a […]

  • Marie & John to the Rescue

    Finally lost it today, went all round wee Tesco making my carefully selected purchases, only to arrive at the checkout and discover that I had left my purse at home. Rescued big style by Marie and John, who had only come over to offer me a lift back up the road, and ended up paying […]

  • Beadnell

    Back from another lovely weekend in Beadnell.  We had a grand time meeting up with our chums from the Norwegian cruise in 2008. New Doctor BBC1 3rd April.  Cannot wait.  Will not say a word until Carol & Roger are back from Oz though.

  • High Tea

    Had most excellent Champagne Tea yesterday at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, with Diana, Kevin, Caroline, Nigel, Emily, Julia and Paul. This was our final(?) celebration for our annus mirabilis, all the SHS girls being 50.  But it’s only a few days ’til Caroline’s birthday, so we can start all over again.   I […]

  • Beadnell

    Just back from Beadnell, Northumbria, where we met up with everyone from the Discovery holiday.  It was just excellent to be able to pick up from where we left off, after bidding our farewells in the Discovery Lounge back in August 08.  (DL was the scene of our many quiz triumphs, btw.)  Rosemary put us […]

  • Book

    And we are in another Japanese book on Scotland, written by our chum Rieko Ishii Tanaka.  This book details her journeys around Britain by public transport. Double click on the picture to see book on