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  • Nick’s 21st

    We were excited and delighted to be invited. Sir Nicholas asked us to attend as adults who would lend a certain amount of gravitas to the proceedings.  There goes my rock n roll rep then. We were entertained with a beautiful meal and many heartfelt speeches.

  • Christmas (belated)

    We finally managed to have Christmas lunch yesterday with the family. Driving wasn’t a whole load of laughs but Paul managed very well, and Ali and Les put on a magnificient spread when we arrived in Edinburgh. I know I shan’t be eating again for a week. Here’s someone who probably will, though. Nick

  • Nick

    As you will know, our nephew Nick is on his travels just now, he has just spent some time on a detour to miss Cyclone Hamish down the east coast of Australia. I was quite disgusted to have to dig fairly deep into the news to find out anything about it, had it been in […]

  • Nick

    Nick is now in Cairns, Australia.

  • Alan, Nick

    Here is a link to Alan Alpenfelt’s work in Italy.  He’s a busy lad. Meanwhile Nick is busy exploring Africa. We wish them both well.

  • Nick

    All the best to Nick, off on his travels around the world. You better send us postcards, boy.