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  • Birthday bash

    Yesterday Callum was one year old, and we were asked along to celebrate.  Apparently I took 120 pictures, but when someone moves that fast then you have to take as many as possible in the hope that you’ll achieve at least a few semi decent results!  He loves his car garage and his fire engine.  […]

  • Nick’s 21st

    We were excited and delighted to be invited. Sir Nicholas asked us to attend as adults who would lend a certain amount of gravitas to the proceedings.  There goes my rock n roll rep then. We were entertained with a beautiful meal and many heartfelt speeches.

  • Birthday

    Guess that’s all the excitement over then, I have had my birthday lunch, which was a grand affair, and we have been to Amsterdam for a look at the tulips. Turned out we were not the only people with that single vision, which when you think about it is not surprising.  Highlights for me were: […]