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  • After 8 Mince

  • Just passing by

    Thought I had better put in an appearance before poor old BTW expired out of loneliness. Things have been busy. Random dictionary delve – sombrero is Spanish for any hat, but the word has been – borrowed? misused? – to mean the wide brimmed one. Similarly, avon is assumed to mean river, in ancient languages […]

  • Bluenote

    Heard today that the reason for naughty items being referred to as blue was down to the colour of the censor’s pencil, and also to the fact that ladies of negotiable affection wore blue robes in prison.

  • Gnothe sauton

    It’s been a while since we had a dictionary delve, occasioned today by my idly wondering if “global pandemic” is tautology? The dictionary in question was therefore temporarily relieved of its 21st century function as the prop for the iPad when Zooming, and duly interrogated. We know that tautology itself* comes from tauto, the same, […]

  • Cockles

                Been a while since I had a photo that I felt was worth sharing, this is Cockleroy in West Lothian, not the highest hill in Scotland but one of the best views in eastern Central Scotland, from the Trossachs to the Pentlands, Fife, the islands of North Berwick, and […]

  • Exalted circles

    Our friend, and indeed best man.

  • Straight Up

    Another happy trawl through the dictionary, occasioned by the news of a new orthopaedic wing for Kirkcaldy’s hospital.  Orthos is straight, genuine or right angles, leading to orthodox, orthotics and new to me, orthoepy, the study of correct pronunciation.  It is also much used in chemistry and by association, geology. On the same page, ortanique, […]

  • Abu Dhabi

    As the estate agents never tire of telling us, one of the many grand things about Fife is its coastline.  We have several beautiful beaches within easy reach of our home, a fact which has made the last 9 months just that bit more bearable.  In anticipation of yesterday’s Level 4 announcement we tootled off […]

  • Plantastic

    For anyone with an interest in plants, art or indeed both, below is a link to the degree show at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  They offer training in botanical drawing, a uniquely special method of documenting the life story of a plant.  I have long been in awe of this, and its practitioners. […]

  • Against the Dying of the Light

    So it rumbles on. Mid November, return to lockdown for some areas here,  and all over the world.  Tantalising glimpses of vaccines, stories of very bad behaviour in the corridors of power, and meanwhile the winter avian visitors have arrived.