Set fair

It’s over a year since we were invited to Hayley and Scott’s wedding, and we have just returned from the event,  which we thoroughly enjoyed.   Neither of us managed to keep it together sufficiently not to blub,  and if wee Vivi didn’t get the email about being perfectly behaved, then so what, in the end it added to the charm of the day.

In all probability we wouldn’t have been successful in the ballot to walk across the Queensferry Crossing, so it was enough to see and feel the excitement from family and friends who were.  We were very busy sharing in another equally unique and emotional occasion. Photos of the event elsewhere,  below some shots from about 06:35 on the morning of the big day.

The Angel Inn at Hetton was lovely, our room had a private garden, unfortunately vespula vulgaris didn’t read the Keep Out signs so we beat a hasty retreat, but that aside it was delightful.   We did watch a wren hopping over the bushes, and a flock of around fifty or so swallows cried and dipped and swooped continually overhead.

BTW, I know the picture of the weather vane is the wrong way round, but if I flipped it then it would not be the picture that I originally took.  There’s enough misrepresentation in the media just now as it is.

View from the room
Garden of the Inn
Garden of the Inn 2
Dawn sky with telegraph wire
Honesty box
Rush hour hell in Hetton