We have finally made the leap from a diesel powered car to an electric one.   Friends are already learning not to ask us how we travelled when we meet up…..  suffice to say it requires a whole new attitude to travelling.  We’ve been to a few places not usually on our our map, especially football stadiums, and have encountered some interesting attitudes.   Some people take it as a personal affront and a (literally) silent  criticism of those driving petrol and diesel vehicles. it isn’t, it’s simply our choice, and yes we do know that the electricity used to charge the battery is still 80% derived from fossil fuel sources.   It’s also very difficult not to make awful puns all the time, and I have  already made up a playlist on Spotify.  This may or may not show up below.  Anyway, adventures beckon!


Elsewhere, we took a very busy train into Edinburgh last night for a free mini gig, Karine Polwart was launching her new album at Coda Music on Bank Street, we were entertained to five (six?) tracks and some chat from the lady herself, on the first evening that we have been in to see the festive lights, it was all quite magical.  The album is A Pocket of Wind Resistance and it showcases most of the material from her recent stage show.  We were fortunate enough to see this  in 2016 and since she is one of my all time favourite singer songwriters, I was so delighted that tears may have been shed.  But, oh yes, there’s a but, I would have been foolish and naïve to expect that everyone there would understand the concept of queuing, on a cold, dark night in November, in Scotland, for a free gig with no seats.  So for the folk who moaned their faces off in said queue, I hope that you were uplifted by the end.

We had intended to treat ourselves to a snifter in our favourite pub, but it and all those around were hoachin’, so we trotted off home instead.

Note re Spotify list – I have not listened to the Raffles the Dog track and its inclusion is somewhat of a mystery to me*.  It may therefore be a Parental Advisory number.   Some of the other songs are very rude too.

RIP Malcolm Young.

*The car is a Nissan Leaf.  I toyed with the idea of naming after an infamous thief (tea-leaf) but Raffles just doesn’t fit.