10 years on

Back home from a most enjoyable trip on board the Balmoral, although it did seem for a while as if the passengers who lived round the corner were going to miss the boat.  We saw the isles of Orkney and Shetland in beautiful weather, in particular on the evening we cruised round Orkney and were afforded a grand view of the Old Man of Hoy.

Old Man of Hoy






The three of us are fairly used to life on board by now, and enjoyed the various diversions offered.   Personal highlights included sailing under all three Forth bridges for the first time, Skara Brae, Scapa Flow and the RIng of Brodgar,  the musum in Lerwick, and the aquarium in Bergen.

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney
Skara Brae
Scapa Flow
St. Magnus’ Cathedral, Kirkwall

























Fishing Boat, Lerwick harbour
Lerwick from the ship













Bryggen in Bergen
Baby penguin
Mud skipper
Sailing the archipelago