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  • Mon petit chou

    Update 14.05.2020 – Was NO-ONE going to point out the grammatical error in the title? Biggest surprise of this week though was the delivery of advance vegetables,  in advance that is by about a week of when they were expected. Nothing daunted*,  I have been farming out chunks of cabbage and leek, with some lovely […]

  • Signalling failure

    Well, here’s a thing, I thought that the discovery of flat wine bottles was going to be the most amazing find in my week, but no!  Scotrail has come to the rescue of those of us who are missing a daily commute, by posting real time films of various journeys.  Admittedly there’s a difference since […]

  • Zooming in

              All over the world, this is happening.  Talk about silver linings. Fife, Luxembourg, Belgium,  Edinburgh and London yesterday.  Oh, and Disneyland, thanks Emma.  

  • Prime

    04:50 a.m., been awake since 02:40, nothing new there and I may manage to go back to sleep yet.  A year ago I had just retired, and was hosting a birthday party in our room at the Kenmore hotel, with Paul, the band, and the folk club.  This one couldn’t be more different but hopefully […]

  • April 2020

    Went for my daily walk earlier.   The express bus to Edinburgh (empty except for the driver) passed me by,  and I noticed that it now shows a scrolling message thanking all the key workers.  Walking down a deserted suburban street in early spring, trees in leaf and growing daily, birds shouting for all they’re worth,  […]

  • Shore thing

  • Straight up

    Some pictures from yesterday and this week.   I have very little to say about the increased craziness that is the 21st century.  Ali and I had a lovely walk round the Pentlands reservoirs yesterday, and yes, there were dogs.                                 […]

  • Down the rabbit hole

    Today is the bicentenary of the birth of John Tenniel,  artitst and cartoonist, noted for Punch and of course Alice in Wonderland.  From the entry in Wikipedia:- “Tenniel’s “grotesque” was one reason why Lewis Carroll wanted Tenniel as his illustrator for the Alice books, in the sense of imparting a disturbing sense that the real […]

  • Two candles…

  • Waxing lyrical

    There was a fresh rax for the dictionary when a friend in Italy reminded me of Candlemas, which was yesterday.  As with many religious festivals it has been absorbed from previous belief systems, but is now honoured as the day when Mary took the baby Jesus to the temple and was herself purified.  It’s 40 […]