Author: kelda

  • Food

    Yesterday I went to Gregg’s for my lunch, having forgotten to lift my wee pasta box from home.  I steeled myself not to fall on a sausage roll, I usually buy a wrap.  Wrap of choice is sweet chilli chicken.  There were none left, so I bought a chicken pesto one (it was very late […]

  • Work, A8M

    Unbelievably bad day at work.  The only comfort, if you can call it that, is that it was the same for everyone. Mincers’ practice last night was not too bad.  We are very keen to see Val and Mike return, circumstances have kept them both away for a while. I just cannot wait for the […]

  • John Martyn

    Link to one of my favourite John Martyn songs, which has Eddi Reader on backing vocals. She waves about a bit, but you just have to imagine me on the 07:46, listening to this while I read the Hootsmon, and fulminate at the writing therein. Oh, and they can’t spell whisky on YouTube. RIP big […]

  • Alan, Nick

    Here is a link to Alan Alpenfelt’s work in Italy.  He’s a busy lad. Meanwhile Nick is busy exploring Africa. We wish them both well.

  • Nick

    All the best to Nick, off on his travels around the world. You better send us postcards, boy.

  • Work, Music

    Back in the harness at work, and having weird dreams. I am into quoting Bare Naked Ladies just now, so it’s “La, la, la, I can’t hear you,” if you have found me from another dimension. It’s been a long week.

  • Elbow

    For some intelligent, rocking, lyric-led music that doesn’t sound like a load of rubbish … and who just happened to win the Mercury Music prize for 2008!!!!!!!!  Ha. Look on my works ye mighty and despair.   Umm, perhaps not.

  • Coins

    The new 2009 coins are in circulation now so if you see any of these, and you are not collecting them yourself, let me know and I’ll arrange a swap.  For your bright, shiny, practically untainted piece of numismatic history you can have some coins of equal monetary worth that have been around the block […]