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Am sitting here, listening to Radio Scotland, whilst printing out the mail merge for the folk club membership renewal.

Usually this takes about six hours, no kidding.   Think of that, ye masses, when you turn up to a gig without the right change.

Still on edge

Trying to wind down to our holidays, but not going anywhere until baby Cook shows up.

Went to see Inception at the pictures, I am still convinced that Alan Alpenfelt is an extra in there, just as the strangers crowd around Leo in Paris.  Can’t wait to buy the dvd and freeze frame to make sure.  I am certain that by then I will have stopped calling the film Conception.  Forgive me, impending events are obviously having a knock on effect.

Here is the winning film from the ASBOs.



As part of Aberdour festival, people were invited to submit short films for the Aberdour Short Brilliant Original Film Awards.

One entry, The Devil’s Buttermilk, features local scenery, nefarious activities and one of my colleagues.

The Devil’s Buttermilk

Not to sure how to embed a video link yet, bear with me.  Good grief, am so tired can no longer spell.  Yeurgh.

Here is the winner.


Bark in the Park

We went to Lochore Meadows today, and saw the most amount of dogs ever in one place.  This was a local dog show but with bells and whistles.  Loch Ore has a watersports centre and we happily watched a group of people setting off in laser yachts.  Looking into having a go ourselves.

Tell it to the birds
Tell it to the birds
Swan feeding
Swan feeding
All my ducks are in a row
All my ducks in a row, oh yes, very droll...

Weather (or not)

Just about to go on the Folk Club boat trip, this is one of the two days in the year when the Maid of the Forth can dock at St David’s harbour.  The weather has been lousy this week but so far today it’s been mostly fair, if windy.  I shall be wearing my sensible shoes as I don’t want to fall over on board, it’s not a good look.   Might be choppy out in the Forth, hatches to be battened down.

Ahoy matey!
Ahoy matey!

Alec Smart, Paul and me on board.