Plockton 2002

room 1 view

After a summer which saw many very welcome visitors, it was time for us to be off, back up north again, to meet up with Lehua in Plockton. It was just grand to catch up on old ideas and discuss a whole bunch of new ones.  The Plockton Hotel was as welcoming as ever, serving some seriously good food. Myself, I would go there just for the breakfast oatcakes. We had room 1, which looks out directly across the bay.   Propped up on the dressing table was an email from Donna and Tom, wishing us all well for the weekend.  We very much wished they were right there, right then. Once we’d laid claim to the place (toothbrushes in the bathroom), we fell into the bar to find out if our quarry had been sighted that day  …  but there she was already, resplendent in her very own Plockton designer teeshirt.  That was Friday. I don’t think we really stopped blethering till we left.
Some views of Plockton bay :-

applecross dark foreground sat evening palms

We ventured as far as Kyle of Lochalsh next day, fearless travellers that we are.  Having been threatened to within inches of our lives by a goose with attitude, we had to chill out on board a glass bottomed boat – the sea kelp beds were magical to watch. In the evening we were very childish in the bar, great fun. Sunday came round all too soon, and we had to leave, Lehua travelled with us most of the way.  In a neat twist, our way out of Plockton was barred by a Westie, standing in the middle of the road, just at the corner…..  Normally I would say you couldn’t make it up, I’m not sure if that applies to something which was fiction anyway but you know what I mean…

japan aberdour.JPG (463211 bytes)

Rieko came to stay with us in June 2002, here she is with Paul in Aberdour Castle.  She cooked us beautiful sushi and told us horror stories of hostels in London. We snapped her outside the Scots in Film exhibition (but only with her camera – durrrr!!), and all over Aberdour.

paul & rieko in castle red flower paul + rieko cooking rieko

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