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We met up with Donna and Tom at the Plockton 2000 gathering.  I haven't laughed so much in a long, long time - we all had a blast.  Donna has sent us a few photies from that weekend.  The first thing you will notice is that she has a much better camera than we do, and a keener eye for a good picture!!

These pictures are all copyright Donna Perras.  You may not use these without her explicit permission.  

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lehuadavidmushroomwalk.jpg (45276 bytes)

This is a picture which brings it all back immediately, of Lehua and her son David, on the mushroom walk.  We couldn't get tickets for the walk, and it was almost worth missing it to have the action replay in the bar of the hotel that night.

lehuafriend.jpg (45993 bytes)

Lehua in a private moment.

Brian&Tom--car_park9.26.jpg (79011 bytes)

The inimitable Brian and Tom, chillin' in the car park in Plockton.

Dot-PlocktonHote9.27l.jpg (29046 bytes)

Here is Dot, the proprietrix of the Plockton Hotel...

LehuaCalum.jpg (189753 bytes)

... and here is Lehua with Calum the boat man.

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