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Donzilla is another Hamish friend, one who can tell you more about the  Boston Red Sox than anyone I know..... (Fenway Rocks!!!).  She and her dog Loki correspond with us and the bats. 


Link to pictures which may only mean something to those who have been party to the recent correspondence between Donzilla and Kirsty, but there's a really cool picture of Loki!

Donna and Steve visited us from Philadelphia in April 2002.


K&P Britannia.JPG (36519 bytes)

Paul & I on board the decommissioned Royal Yacht Britannia

Paul & Steve.JPG (39409 bytes)

Paul and Steve on the bridge

donz britannia.jpg (42146 bytes)

Donz with her ticket

Donz SB.JPG (36651 bytes)

Donzilla in Scara Brae, Orkney

Yacht.JPG (44445 bytes)

Royal Yacht Britannia

P1010008.JPG (396925 bytes)

Donz and Steve

Thanks again to Donzilla for her photos, after we trashed all of ours in the Great Hard Drive Crash of '02!


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