Category: Food

  • Mon petit chou

    Update 14.05.2020 – Was NO-ONE going to point out the grammatical error in the title? Biggest surprise of this week though was the delivery of advance vegetables,  in advance that is by about a week of when they were expected. Nothing daunted*,  I have been farming out chunks of cabbage and leek, with some lovely […]

  • Signalling failure

    Well, here’s a thing, I thought that the discovery of flat wine bottles was going to be the most amazing find in my week, but no!  Scotrail has come to the rescue of those of us who are missing a daily commute, by posting real time films of various journeys.  Admittedly there’s a difference since […]

  • Weekendings

    A busy and fruitful weekend: Saturday lunch in Cafe Portrait, where we narrowly missed Ali and Les.  Then we strolled along the main streets before heading up to the museum on Chambers Street to view Tim Peake’s landing craft.   Hied off to our café du jour, the Angus Fling, where Paul was able to stave […]

  • Carpe-ing

    I have little to add about the events of this week, save this link shared by Rosemary this morning.  We watched the reading earlier.  My thoughts are with everyone. So, in a mindset of “Let’s carpe the @&!# out of this diem” we have met up with loads of chums, as usual everything happens at […]

  • Widdershins

    On Saturday we continued on our mini project of walking the Loch Leven Heritage trail one metre at a time, this hejira was from Vane Farm to East Brackley viewpoint and pavilion.  Along this whole route there are many benches, most carved with local lore set in rhyme.  One of my favourites, which I am […]

  • AAT 1

    The inaugural AAT was held on Sunday, I am not putting the full description here because it will just draw traffic from search bots.  Suffice to say, it was won handsomely by Emily Sanderson,  with a gallant runner up in Julia Sanderson.  Diana, Caroline and Nigel took the Mary & Paul rôles (harsh but fair, […]

  • Salty eyebrows …

    …were what we all had yesterday, after an energetic trip to the Isle of May,  on board the RiB Osprey.  Conditions were interesting on the outward leg,  suffice to say that there is nowhere to hide from that salt water spray, even if you are wearing RNLI standard dry suits. Once we had landed, disembarked, […]

  • Dunroamin

    I have looked back at the most recent pages of btw and it seems that I keep apologising for not making regular updates.  I shan’t do that this time, therefore. Instead, some pictures.  We went, ironically as things turn out, to Bo’ness for the first time, and dropped in at the Motor Museum.  It has […]

  • Degustation

    Ah, foot cramp.  Such an effective way of waking up, I really should market it. Just checked my last post, October 10th, crikey, we have been busy celebrating Mr Holmes’s significant birthday.  As you might expect, there was a food theme here.  We met John and Yvonne in Berwick, at Foxton‘s, and had lunch with […]

  • Serendipity

    Pictures below from Starbank Road, Newhaven at the start of the month.             You can see them as the triumph of the biological drive to blossom and so procreate, or pretty flowers growing in the rubbish.  The choice is yours.  Poppy petals seem to me to be about one micron […]