I have little to add about the events of this week, save this link shared by Rosemary this morning.  We watched the reading earlier.  My thoughts are with everyone.

So, in a mindset of “Let’s carpe the @&!# out of this diem” we have met up with loads of chums, as usual everything happens at the same time.  Curry in Dundee with Jacqui, Cathy, Phil and Chloe, tapas in Edinburgh with Team Lyceum*.  The last play in the series, Glory on Earth, took a while to gel with me but I ended up really enjoying, it I have seen many plays about Mary, Queen of Scots but this is the most that I have empathised with her position.  The staging helped hugely, it lifted the dialogue into drama.

Andrew not hugging Sandra…






Sandra hugging Paul …






Andrew and Nigel ….






School chums stick with what they know






Chloe on guitar
Very dark Burgesses














28 years ago, just before I met Paul, Caroline, Nigel and I took out a season ticket for the Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh. We’ve been going ever since, joined by Paul, Andrew and Sandra. Nowadays we have a meal after the last show in the season.

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