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  • Jingle jangle

    Here we go, month 12,  the official run down is ON, and now I start to find out about all the holes in that preparation, which I was so convinced was complete.  So, it’s back on with the big coat and off to the shops. Here are two tunes which run round my head at […]

  • Catch Mac22

    It wasn’t planned, but I fell into writing up some family history today.   There has been a lot of information retained from Windsor Road, which was my father’s home pre-marriage, and my aunt’s until her death earlier this year. . I have often read of huge families in the pre war years, but it hits […]

  • Sideswipe

    “If buying a caravan is the answer it must be a pretty stupid question.” Quoted out of context but it just made me laugh. Reading an article by Jay Rayner on what to take to a self catering holiday home, and nodding my head.  Yes to sharp knives, no to glass chopping boards – they […]

  • Ironmoulder

    Neither my father nor my aunt recalled the name of any foundry in which their father worked.  I have found this detail via Scotland’s People.  See record no. 1920, employee 54. ScotlandsPeople  (think you have to click twice to see it). The foundry,  Forth and Clyde and Sunnyside, has an information page here.  It closed […]

  • Play well

    The word “lego” is derived from the Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.  Really enjoyed seeing these Lego sculptures at Edinburgh Zoo, on a rather close and muggy summer’s day. All the models were of sea creatures, which brought this tune to mind.  Stick with it for the chorus harmonies.  

  • Kenning Yew

    Up in Kenmore with the folk club, A8M, celebrations, music and jaunts.  For some reflection we visited the Fortingall Yew; debate rages, quietly, about its age but it’s definitely very old*. It felt pretty humbling and impressive to be in its company.  I note from Wiki that part of it has changed gender.  Mum always […]

  • Going coastal

                    Evening walk on the sands.  Recent storm activity has eroded the beach,  but it will return. This picture came out as if it had been painted, no rendering by me, I think I was moving too fast and the phone has done its best.   There is […]

  • Upmanship

    Should time weigh heavy on your hands, I can recommend looking up the word “up” in a dictionary.  Hithered there on a quest for the etymology of upholster, I was reminded of swan upping – driving the swans upstream so that they may be coralled and identified.  Given that these avian grandes dâmes might be […]

  • Hejira

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  • Land o’ the Peh

    To Dundee, thence to meet up with Philip and Jacqui,  and to assess at first hand the V&A museum which opened its doors recently, after the usual amount of controversy associated with any groundbreaking arts-led enterprise. It’s a bold building, with excellent views along the Tay and over to Fife.  The Scottish design gallery had […]