Category: Music

  • Confluence

    For some reason I have been singing this in my head for the past few days.  I happen to think that the Blue Nile were peerless in their heyday,  I even managed to see them perform live once.  Inadvertently they were the reason why we went to hear Karen Matheson last  month,  and when Paul […]

  • Kenning Yew

    Up in Kenmore with the folk club, A8M, celebrations, music and jaunts.  For some reflection we visited the Fortingall Yew; debate rages, quietly, about its age but it’s definitely very old*. It felt pretty humbling and impressive to be in its company.  I note from Wiki that part of it has changed gender.  Mum always […]

  • Quackers

    As our island nation emerges from a long long winter, we have begun our programme of jaunts short and long.  I have very quickly run into the issue of not being able to keep up with the updates, so this post will have to cover at least three such peregrinations. First to Kenmore with the […]

  • Lightworks

    Aberdour beach just before sunset in February, after a long week at work.                       Saw this exhibition yesterday,  small but interesting (who said eclectic?) collection of paintings by the Glasgow Boys, including Arthur Melville, E A Hornel, George Henry and William J Kennedy.   Fife has […]

  • Dieselected

    We have finally made the leap from a diesel powered car to an electric one.   Friends are already learning not to ask us how we travelled when we meet up…..  suffice to say it requires a whole new attitude to travelling.  We’ve been to a few places not usually on our our map, especially football […]

  • Perorations

    I know, I know, it’s been ages,  some things just overwhelm one and the time flashes by. One enjoyable weekend was spent in Kenmore, with the Folk Club, the Mincers, Yard of Ale and Colin Ramage. Paul & I went half way up the hill, then for a sail on the Iolaire on Loch Tay, […]

  • Compendimumum

    To Kirkcaldy, thence to attend the opening of the latest exhibition curated by Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, Limomolum, which we spent all morning practising saying, only to find out that the whole point is that you can’t say it.  Further down the road, after excellent tea, coffee, wee cake and quick chat with Diana, […]

  • Cash for questions

    “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep my eyes wide open all the time” Currently playing Johnny Cash on repeat as we are learning a medley of his tunes.  Hadn’t realised that he changes key for each verse in Walk the Line. Some pictures below, we sat in a restaurant […]

  • Hallowe’en

    Hallowe’en, the poem by Violet Jacob, set to music by Jim Reid, sung by Sheena Wellington and Karine Polwart.   If there is a sadder and yet more beautiful song about this time of year, I’ve yet to hear it.

  • En Train

    After a lovely Saturday – caught up with old chum over brunch and then went to see the frankly divine Karine Polwart in her Edinburgh Festival debut, Wind Resistance –  I would say go go go but it’s selt oot  – we hied off to the Borders from Edinburgh  on the new (to us) railway, […]