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  • Travellin’ folk

    Well, the dearth of posts lately will surely suffice to indicate that once again it has been a very busy time here.    Since our holiday we have also had a memorable trip to Glasgow to spend time with the Whites and Burgesses,  the main driver of which was to have a meal together at the […]

  • Weddings

    It’s over a year since we were invited to Hayley and Scott’s wedding, and we have just returned from the event,  which we thoroughly enjoyed.   Neither of us managed to keep it together sufficiently not to blub,  and if wee Vivi didn’t get the email about being perfectly behaved, then so what, in the end […]

  • Adamantine

    After a jolly nice scone with coffee at an Edinburgh garden centre, and a good blether with Rosemary and Susan,  I was reminded of this lovely poem by D H Lawrence. Bavarian Gentians Not every man has gentians in his house in Soft September, at slow, Sad Michaelmas. Bavarian gentians, big and dark, only dark […]

  • Summer-y

    Oh good grief, I was sure I had posted at least once  in June, outwith Dad’s birthday, but I see the last one was May 28th.   Poor old BTW always suffers the most appalling neglect in the summer, it’s shocking behaviour and someone somewhere needs a strongly worded email.   In our defence I see that […]

  • April show

    Quite the week, one year older, several new chapters opening and progress afoot for close family.  Leaps and bounds to follow shortly, let there be no impediment to this pedi-cure. A circular tour of central Scotland yesterday led us to RSPB Black Devon Wetlands, south of Alloa.  I tried out my new telescope, which gives […]

  • Perorations

    I know, I know, it’s been ages,  some things just overwhelm one and the time flashes by. One enjoyable weekend was spent in Kenmore, with the Folk Club, the Mincers, Yard of Ale and Colin Ramage. Paul & I went half way up the hill, then for a sail on the Iolaire on Loch Tay, […]

  • Compendimumum

    To Kirkcaldy, thence to attend the opening of the latest exhibition curated by Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, Limomolum, which we spent all morning practising saying, only to find out that the whole point is that you can’t say it.  Further down the road, after excellent tea, coffee, wee cake and quick chat with Diana, […]

  • Chasing sunlight

    Out for a hill climb yesterday, arrangements have been somewhat fluid, to say the least, of late, but we made the most of a beautifully clear day to ascend Vane Hill and sup coffee thereon.  At a conservative estimate it was blowing in gusts of 40 mph at the top, my drink went from boiling […]

  • Rallentando

    And so to the diminuendo of the year, not gainsaying the big hoorah of Christmas but the main reason for a yuletide blowout is as an antidote to the nigh full-on crepuscular turn of events. when raising the blinds for a mere 7 hours hardly seems worth it. It was with this frankly negative attitude […]

  • AAT 1

    The inaugural AAT was held on Sunday, I am not putting the full description here because it will just draw traffic from search bots.  Suffice to say, it was won handsomely by Emily Sanderson,  with a gallant runner up in Julia Sanderson.  Diana, Caroline and Nigel took the Mary & Paul rôles (harsh but fair, […]