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  • Gazing with ganders

    We had a very successful event last night for DB Astro (link at the side there) with a visit to the dark site afterwards.  I did not attend the latter, not feeling too chipper since so far this calendar year I have had two colds and one episode of acute back pain, but hey ho, […]

  • Post, equinoxial

    As sweet and musical As bright Apollo’s lute, strung with his hair; And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony. Love’s Labour’s Lost (4.3.289-292) Shakespeare   Thanks to Poppy Lee for that quote and please have a look at her website, she’s a genius.   The trouble with being […]

  • Ages

    I tried to upload some pictures from last Saturday’s very successful gala day in the Bay, the sun shone down, some might say mercilessly, but that would be churlish.  But just in case you are interested, I have noted (way) below the chief reasons why I don’t like sunny days.  Anyway, back to the gala, […]

  • Long Time Gone

    Yes, it’s been ages since I posted here, we have been busy again of late. I will post a wee selection of pictures below. So, let me review matters since the start of September.  We have been on a terrific cruise round the Baltic capitals, to Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Kalundborg in Denmark.  Stockholm […]

  • Per ardua ad astra…

    …or at least via the A917. Yesterday the DB Astronomy Club was asked to host a star party in the grounds of the rather posh Fairmont Hotel near St Andrews.  It was rumoured that a local business man was flying in his dinner guests by helicopter from his private lighthouse (where do you land a […]

  • Normal service… being resumed as soon as possible, if you do not know then let me advise that this site was hacked, massive thanks to Alison for alerting us.  Paul has been very busy working on it since then and the message as always people is back up, back up, back up. In other news, we’ve […]

  • Nightclubbing

    It’s been a successful weekend for both of our social enterprises, the Folk Club had a good evening with Ayrshire band Luckenbooth while the Astronomy Club’s Stargazing Live Event to tie in with the recent BBC show of the same name, was very well attended and the skies were crystal clear for most of the […]

  • Capital times

    Back from three days in the Smoke where we were delighted to meet up with chum Ruth.  We had originally planned to go to both Cambridge and London but Paul’s operation made us take a more realistic approach.   We saw two extremely good plays, Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, and […]

  • Losing it

    It’s been a while.  Feels as if the world, or at least my version of it, has tilted on its axis somewhat, I’m finding areas of it to be, well, interesting, shall we say.  Less anon. But I have failed to comment on so much, especially the Christening and family party for young Callum Cook.  […]

  • Late late late

    ..and again it’s been another interesting, if frantic, day.  As ever, it was a relief to head off to the Pilates class and hear people talking about such strange stuff:  running marathons; competing in the Iron Man challenge; focusing on exercise timetables – not a group which worries about missing the latest Coen Brothers release, […]