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Last night our office’s contact centre hosted telephone donation calls for  BBC Children in Need, as well as running a host of fund raising activities.  It was a busy old day, which could have gone either way, especially when we discovered that there were no winning tickets at all in the bucket for the tombola.  The excitement on the phone desks was pretty full on, we all whooped and cheered when the first call had been taken.  It was frankly a bit of a time warp as we sat with colleagues from long past, working together just like twenty years ago.  My first caller was a gem, spoke very clearly, used the phonetic alphabet and laughed when I got my fingers in a knot.  I am sitting below with Suzanne, although my Pudsey ears are just for show as you could not wear those things with a headset.  Well, you could if you wanted a self induced migraine.   Facebook was plastered with pictures of us all, have to crave your indulgence there for the number of likes which will be on your page this morning.

Photo: Ready to roll for children in need

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