Waltzing, Matilda?

Anyone who has had the misfortune to be near me in the past few weeks will know all about our office’s World Cup Fever event, during which our team decorated our desks with all  things Australian.  Yesterday we took it all down, so if anyone is interested in a life time’s supply of Vegemite (one jar, unopened) please get in touch.  Please also contact me if you do not know about this initiative, and have insomnia.

Below (I can’t figure out how to embed them in the text, and Paul is in the shower) are some pictures from the event.

With Dingo Dave at Forth One FM

Oh, I can do it now, the draft post saved though, and that threw me.  I wore the Community Partnership tshirt, which is the colour of sixteen day old custard, for this photo shoot.  Look really hard and you can see.  We went to Radio Forth and met Dingo Dave from the Forth One breakfast show.  He is Australian, by the way.  Dave agreed immediately to our request to be photographed with us, big thanks are due.  Maybe he’ll want the Vegemite.

Partial view of our desks

Long story but stupidly the best pictures of our desks are on my phone, and it steadfastly refuses to yield them up to the pc. But spot the wee koala, on loan from Coupar Martin, in his Brasil strip and his Deutsche hat.  He represents all the teams on service delivery, and global harmony, in that order.

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