Team Spirit

Had out office meal out last night at Tempus in George Street, the meal was lovely and the service excellent, so thanks to Jill for organising that one.  Sadly for the second time I missed out on the ritual of trying on Bruce’s glasses, but it was more important to catch the train before the train before the one with all the scary folk on it.

I make no apologies for shouting at the people who were jumping the queue for taxis at Inverkeithing.   You were bang out of order and you knew it.

Yesterday Emma and I went round to see Fiona & Callum, I was singing to him which seemed to surprise him a wee bit, in a good way I hope.   I had to keep away from the wonderful Scottish heritage of songs about folk cheerfully murdering each other  or being left with the baby, so that narrowed the choice somewhat.  Emma regaled us with more tales from Congo and some Congolese tunes.


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